Considering the Alfred Powerpack - is the “mega supporter” license worth it?

I’ve been using the free version of Alfred for years, and love it as a quick app launcher, but I keep hearing about how great the powerpack is, so I’m thinking of purchasing it. Is there a reason to think that there will be a new version of Alfred soon enough that the “mega supporter” license is that much more worth it than the standard one? I keep hearing about how good it is, but I because there’s no trial for the Powerpack features, I can’t really quantify it.


I’d say if you’re going to spring for a £29 Powerpack, an extra £20 to make it a lifetime Powerpack is definitely worth it. I’m also pretty sure if you own a regular Powerpack, you can upgrade it to a Mega Supporter Powerpack. But I’d email them for confirmation and pricing of the latter.

If they continue with their current model, the next upgrade will cost £15 for current license holders–so you’re betting on them releasing two more major versions to get your money’s worth for the £20. I would bet that they will have two more majors by 2026.

With a bit of a mindset change, though, you’re good either way as Alfred is one of those developers that you want to see continue developing forever. So if you bet the wrong way and accidentally support them a little more relative to what you receive, no worries.


I love Alfred for its Clipboard Manager, its Snippets, its custom searches, its Universal Actions just to name a few PowerPack standouts. That love is not something I can quantify for you… :slightly_smiling_face:

I’d say it’s certainly worth it. At least it sure has been for me! I bought it (version 2) in 2014 ($22.98) and then bought the Mega Supporter when version 3 came out in 2016 . My records show I paid $32.52 for Mega Supporter. But that already has given me version 3 and version 4. I don’t know what I would have paid for two upgrades. So I’ve been using it 7 years, about $8/year and it will continue to drop over time.

Mega Supporter here too. When I started with Alfred, I just use it for application launching. Then, when the habit sticks, I started searching files. Much later - probably a year or two after that, I started using Snippets and some workflows. The tool grows on you and you find more and more value in it.

I need to start using Universal Actions which were recently introduced but haven’t form a habit around that yet. So, I say go for Mega Supporter. You will not regret it later.

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I was in the same boat. I was not sure if the Powerpack would be worth it. But I decided to give it a try a few months ago and now I have been satisfied with my decision. Universal Actions are nice (for example, you can title-capitalize or bracket the text you selected), and there are really cool workflows such as Menu Bar Search (it lets you search through top menu options), Apple Notes workflow, Devonthink workflow, Trickster workflow (if you’re using Trickster, or alternately, there is a workflow which lets you access recently opened files or folders. But I just prefer Trickster), and so on, and you can even create a simple workflow, for example, one that lets you Google the text you selected simply by pressing the shortcut key you assign. And there are many more things you can do with Alfred, so I’m really enjoying using it.

Just made the switch from Launchbar (I love it, have years of muscle memory in it, but feels like a dead app, whereas Alfred feels far more frequently upgraded/developed and with a bigger community around it).

I bought the single user license and been playing with power pack features all over the weekend, and I think I will be happy to upgrade every time a new version comes out :smiley:


Long time Mega Supporter here. A Mac without Alfred and 1Password is a broken Mac in my view.

I started off just with app launching, then searching, then as a calculator, then some downloaded workflows, then some custom searches, then my own simple workflows, then text snippets (and kicking TextExpander to the kerb), then some more complex workflows of my own, and I keep forgetting the clipboard manager, though it saved my bacon recently by recalling a password I had generated and forgotten to store in 1Password.

And there are yet other features I’m not using. Yet.


Oh, and file searching is incredibly powerful and super easy to use!

I think Alfred (power pack et al) is wonderfully good value. It’s very activiely developed, the developers are very responsive and, like @zkarj, I’d be completely lost without Alfred on my Mac. My use of the app developed almost exactly as he described and I use it (almost subconsciously) many, many times a day.


The nice thing about Alfred (and Keyboard Maestro) is that they collect statistic and will show you how many Alfred calls you made per day. You can immediately see the value of the tool you spent money on.

My usage:

I would say it’s worth it. Alfred is the tool that gets most used on my Mac and it has so many capabilities. The developer also really deserves the support, there are so many apps that Alfred replaces for me.