Consolidating/echoing calendars

I have read the older “Calendars Consolidation” thread, but I don’t think my question is the same.

We have a family iCloud account, and my wife and I both have calendars to which the other subscribes. My problem is that I also have a collaborator tied deeply to the GSuite and who regularly manages our meetings in gCal, and, of course, where I work has Exchange.

Is there any way to “echo” or “forward” – I don’t know the terms here, the events in gCal and Exchange to my iCloud calendar? My wife doesn’t need, nor want, to subscribe to all three calendars, and I would like her to know when I am otherwise committed.

In all honesty, I’d rather not see three separate calendars myself: I’m just a man, a simple man, and my time is, sadly, only available in singular blocks. I know other people have multiple calendars, and, for a while, I was maintaining separate iCal calendars for work and home, but then when I started using time blocking here and there, I realized, I only got one timeline.

You can certainly ‘subscribe’ to Google calendars. For instance, I have my personal and family calendars in Google, and have them show up at work in Outlook by this mechanism.

I think M365 calendars can also be subscribed to if your employer allows. Mine does not, hence why I have my work Outlook subscribed to my personal calendars and not the other way around.

However, this is really the only satisfactory way I found. Before my employer set that limitation, I did play around with an ‘echoing’ approach and quickly learned that way madness lies. Because if you want to make it seamless, you have to echo both ways. I never succeeded with that.