Contact App recommendations

Looking for contact app recommendations.

categorization / tagging is the most important thing to me

  1. I want to see all of the contacts with a certain tag/group. This seems easy enough with the native contacts “group” functionality.
  2. When I’m in a specific contact, I want to see all of the tags associated with that contacts. It seems crazy that the native contacts app cannot do this (or I haven’t figured out how to do this), so I’m leaning towards BusyContacts

I’m happy with either iOS or Mac apps.

I have no need to send group emails/messages to these people.

I have about 1500 contacts that I’m trying to manage.

Thanks in advance for your thoughts/ advice.

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What do you mean by tags? To my knowledge, the contacts app doesn’t support tags (I’m thinking the Finder style tags here).

Tags / categories / groups, - I’m very flexible on the specific architecture

For example, I want to see that these 100 contacts are friends, and these 100 contacts are work colleagues, etc…

I also want to see that Jane Doe is both a work colleague and a friend when I look at her contact.

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It uses the native contacts, and turns Mac/iOS groups into tags. You can view all the tags for a given contact within their card, and also build Smart Groups around tags and other filters. Everything syncs to Mac and iOS version.

I gave up on BusyContacts. I used it as a secondary app for complex searches and filters, even though I didn’t like looking at it on the reg. I quit it completely after it lost contacts/data a few times. YMMV.


+1 on Cardhop

+1 on CardHop as well

Cardhop is fantastic. Do you know what cloud service your contacts are in? Groups work well for iCloud. Groups are not connected in Google.

Cardhop also has a smart groups. Cardhop 1.1 for Mac: Smart Groups | Flexibits

I haven’t tried it yet but it looks like there’s a new version of Contacts Journal CRM

It still allows tags.

Have you tried it yet?

Cardhop requires a subscription , though. That disqualifies it for me.


There are Mac and iOS versions (separate purchases), I have both. There’s also a subscription which may interest some but that’s not what I need.

I’ve found it to be intuitive and have not experienced problems with it (keeping things synced or otherwise). It just works!

There’s something almost magical about being able to refer to past conversations and have the critical documents easily accessible without fumbling or delay.

I wrote some more on it here

If there’s better CRM software anywhere close to this price point, I haven’t seen it.

There’s also a trial version for the Mac app.