Contact Sorting <grrrr>

After 16 years and 16 major versions of iOS, can someone explain to me why some of my contacts are last-name-first and others for first-name-first?

It’s insanely frustrating.

< here endeth the rant >

At least in the Mac version if the contact is a company the company name is not shown last name first. Perhaps you have some individuals entered as companies?

I like my contacts sorted by last name. I have a contact card for Lisa Brown – she’s sorted in the “L”

Every once in a while, I change the order, then change it back. That usually “re-sorts” everyone into the correct order.

Do you use a non-iCloud email provider? If so try hosting your contacts with them. That’s what I do and I have never had the problem you described.

You can add your contacts to your email provider and do A - B testing by turning off one account at a time.

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Thanks @WayneG – I’ll try that.

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