Contacts App Suggestions? [Cardhop alternatives] [macOS and iOS]

Hi MPUers, the default Contacts app on both macOS and iOS is not feature-rich and automation-friendly. Cardhop was good, but unfortunately, I didn’t buy it and now it’s on subscription.

Any recommendations for an alternative app?

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I’m liking BusyContacts on macOS (it’s set up as the default contacts app on my system so it works nicely with Alfred - I can’t remember how that is set up but it made it viable for my use case).

I switched to BusyContacts mainly because the default Contacts app struggles a lot (major lag) when you’ve got a few accounts all syncing to it and plenty of contact entries.


I like Busy Contacts too but have been having issues with it synching between machines (3). I have to do a reset of the password on all three to get it going again. . sigh.

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Andy, did you finally settle on a contacts application? if so, which one did you choose?

I’ve been using Cardhop. Seems you can use it for free without having the fancy features (which is what I wanted). Although I do use a firewall and restrict it’s network access to a bare minimum

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