Contacts App Suggestions? [Cardhop alternatives] [macOS and iOS]

Hi MPUers, the default Contacts app on both macOS and iOS is not feature-rich and automation-friendly. Cardhop was good, but unfortunately, I didn’t buy it and now it’s on subscription.

Any recommendations for an alternative app?

I’m liking BusyContacts on macOS (it’s set up as the default contacts app on my system so it works nicely with Alfred - I can’t remember how that is set up but it made it viable for my use case).

I switched to BusyContacts mainly because the default Contacts app struggles a lot (major lag) when you’ve got a few accounts all syncing to it and plenty of contact entries.


I like Busy Contacts too but have been having issues with it synching between machines (3). I have to do a reset of the password on all three to get it going again. . sigh.