Contacts Cleaner Not Working

Since Mac Power Users Episode 306, I’ve been using Contacts Cleaner to manage my contacts. Today was the first time I’ve used it since upgrading to Big Sur. Every time it nears the end of the scan, the application quits unexpectedly, and the option to send a Problem Report appears. Checking the App Store, it seems the app hasn’t been updated in 5 years!

First, anyone having this issue?

Second, anyone have a recommendation for a Contact Cleaner?

I haven’t used Contacts Cleaner, however I use CardHop and it’s very useful. I’m not on Big Sur and cannot comment on that.

Thank you! I’ll check that out!

I’ve used contacts cleaner since that episode too, and I’ve also had issues. Very disappointing for me. Almost posted in the forum about this like you. Would love any work arounds that you or anyone else can come up with.

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