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Hoping someone in the MPU world can help out. Need a more robust contact manager on iOS then Apple’s “Contacts”

Been using Busy Contacts on the Mac and been very happy. Before that used Daylite CRM. Both were great on Mac, but need something on iOS. Daylite is just not full featured enough on iOS and too costly for contact management alone.

Thoughts, looking for something that tags each contact quickly and integrates social similar to how busy contacts does it on the Mac. Would be great if it also showed similar to busy contacts all the recent communications with that person including messages and emails.

Thanks in advance for any advice.

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Try Accompany. It definitely lets you see recent emails, but I don’t think it does for texts. It goes a little further, too, and incorporates calendar (you can deny it access, of course) with the aim of helping you prepare for meetings (by including contacts in your emails, it gives you a briefing the morning of about that person, etc). Another interesting feature is the news and social media view where it shows your contacts’ mentions in news articles as well as other names you add to your “watchlist.” I know some of that isn’t what you were looking for, but just wnated to give some context. Let me know if you try this and like it, but good luck with your app search nonetheless!

Not exactly what I was looking for, but I it looks very good. Going to give it a try. As long as Cisco doesn’t try and charge me an arm and a leg!

EDIT: Looks like it is closed for new users.

Wow, that’s odd and news to me. An update a week ago included “Added support for Demo Accounts” which doesn’t sound like what you do when you close your app to new users… :thinking:

I note that there is an “Invite a Friend” button and the message it prepares says that there is a waitlist for now but that the invite gets you right in. If you’d like to, you can send me your email address and I’ll invite you to the app.

I have never understood why nobody seems to have a contacts manager that solves some of the real problems that need to be solved. For so many years (when I was actually working) I wanted a contacts manager that let me define “facilities” and people at those facilities. I would have 10 people at a location (customer, vendor, whatever), and I had to enter each address separately. If the company moved I had to move 10 people individually. I can’t believe that others don’t have this problem. Even with non-business things, having family members at the same location and only having to enter that location once and be able to move them all together.

I am using Busycontacts and I like it better than Apple Contacts – but it still doesn;t solve the “hard” problems.

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Thank you my email is peter at

BusyContacts is what I am currently using on MacOS. It is pretty decent, certainly priced fairly. Services like Daylite do a good job and would have probably worked well for your use case, but have too many other features that drive the cost up significantly.

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Here’s another app for contact management I’ve found quite nice. Mac only, though, I believe, but leaving this here just in case people are interested:

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May not fit your use case, but the SaaS app, Cloze is good for CRM, contact management and other things. It costs, but it’s not over the top.

Thank you for the recommendation

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Try Cloze - trial version then monthly sub - not
Cheap but fully findtional CRM which I use on iPad only working. Contact records either by person or company with full details of contact be it emails Evernote notes or Dropbox files.


Thanks for the tip about Cloze. Loving it!


Been playing with Cloze as well. Was not actually what I was looking for but very interesting nonetheless.

I am also testing out FullContact which may have a place as well for syncing contacts. I wish I could just get away with using iCloud for contacts but we set up our entire business on Google Apps/Work which has pluses and minuses as far as contact management goes.