Contacts switch from iCloud to Google?!

The last couple days, my phone has been handling contacts bizarrely.

I first noticed that my home and work addresses were no longer showing up in Apple Maps – it suggested I tell the phone which contact card was mine (which I had done ages ago). I figured I’d look into it later.

Today I noticed most Messages were coming through as numbers, not names. Sure enough, most of my contacts seemed to be absent.

But they are there – in Google, not iCloud. Even my personal contact card is there. I have never used Google contacts as my primary contact list – I’ve used iCloud as long as it has been available. So I don’t think I did anything to make this switch happen, but if i did, it was 100% inadvertent.

Strangely, in the phone’s settings, iCloud was still the default contacts list.

I’ve restarted my phone, and turned iCloud contacts off and back on (waiting for that to settle out).

Has this happened to anyone else?

I’ve had messages switch to numbers instead of names. I think logging out, then back into iCloud was the fix (it’s been a year or two since it happened).

The odd part was all my contacts are in Gmail, not iCloud.

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