Context specific notes

I am looking for software that lets me add context-specific notes on Mac.

For example, if I have CNN open in a browser tab I should be able to click the icon in the menu or press a shortcut and add some notes. Next time, I visit that page I want to be able to see that notes.

Similarly, if I am in a specific folder in Finder or Path Finder, I should be able to add a note specific to that folder location.

I tried Ghostnote but it does not work or at least I don’t get how it’s supposed to work. The note I add on a particular browser tab is available in other tabs as well.

Does anything else similar to Ghostnote exist?

My idea is by using Hook’s Hook to New feature.

With the default keybindings, you invoke Hook press ⌘⇧SPACE while opening a website / selecting files. Then you press ⌘N to trigger a Hook to New with your choosen default note taking app.

The next time you invoke Hook with ⌘⇧SPACE, you will see that the specific website/files have related notes. In fact, I often use Hook to New to write reply for MPU (this reply included)


  • to see the actual note, you might need to press 2 shortcut. the first one is to invoke Hook, the other to open the linked note
  • currently there’s no indicators / easy way to know if currently open website has ‘Hooked’ to a note, you need to invoke Hook. For files, it will be tagged as Hook.

How about Drafts workspaces?



Did you give GhostNote access to Safari when it asked? I tested the trial and it is switching to the right note for each URL automatically for me. Pretty neat! It does seem a little janky, e.g., when I clicked on a link to a new page in Wikipedia, it didn’t switch to a blank note, so if I had typed anything I wouldn’t have been able to find my notes for that article later as they’d have been in the note for the URL for the previous article.

I use Pinboard ( to take notes when I’m at a site I want to keep. It works great. Highly recommended solution to your problem.

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