Continuity camera “desk mode” — is the view flipped?

Hi all,

Just curious to hear from those who have the Beta’s installed, and can verify:

Does the “desk mode” view flip the image/recording at all? If not — shouldn’t it?

What am I missing?

The “desk mode” view is being touted as a way to show the viewer what the presenter is doing on their desk, correct? And the examples I have heard where this has been discussed, is in reference to presenters either wanting to show users what they are doing on their keyboards/trackpads etc., or to show what is being done on the actual desk. Like when they are writing or drawing something to explain things.

By way of example, @ismh spoke to how his wife, as a teacher, could’ve used this to explain concepts to pupils following along virtually. Others have made this point as well.

But — if I understand things correctly — if the desk mode view is not flipped, then it would be similar to a student standing directly in front of the teacher’s desk, watching the teacher write upside down (from the student’s perspective, at least).
Typically(?), the teacher would ask the student to come stand to the side of where they are writing, to then be able to see what is being written, in the same orientation?

Shouldn’t this desk mode feature therefore allow for a flipped image, to show the viewer what the person is doing from the more “natural” perspective?

Or does it do this already, making this whole post redundant? :sunglasses: