Continuity camera mount for monitor

I connect my MBA M2 through a dock in my office on a laptop stand next to a 27” monitor. I have been using the laptop webcam for my meetings. I would like to use my phone and continuity camera. Ergonomically, the phone would be better if attached above the external monitor. All the existing mag safe connectors are set up so the phone screen faces you.

I used to use a long gooseneck clip desk attachment and Camo software but I would love a wireless set up without all extraneous clips. If the Belkin mount could fit on something bigger than the laptop screen it would be perfect.

Anyone see anything in the wild that might fit the bill?

I just got one of the new Belkin iPhone mounts yesterday. As I expected, it perches nicely atop my MacBook Pro but can’t be mounted to my external display.

In their press release, Belkin shared: “The iPhone Mount with MagSafe for Mac desktops and displays will be coming soon.” I’m planning to pick up one of these when it’s available. I haven’t found any details on the ship date. Hopefully, it will be before the end of 2022.