Control volume with mousewheel


Does anyone know a program for Mac similar to Volumouse for Windows that lets me increase and decrease the system volume by holding the Alt key down and turning mouse wheel up and down?

If it matters, I use Logitech MX Master 3 mouse.

It looks like SteerMouse will do what you want.

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You can map buttons in the Logitech app.

Another vote for Steermouse, which I used when I had an MX Master mouse to get away from what then was horrible, buggy Logitech software. If you insist on using the manufacturer’s software, however, it does let you map volume to the thumbwheel.

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Been using Steermouse too, really like it. Didn’t know you could map volume to the mouse, but not surprised.

I couldn’t find any option to increase and decrease by turning the mouse wheel with Alt key held down in Logi Options software. The only option seems to be either to increase or decrease by clicking the wheel which is not what I want.

I will check SteerMouse.

Thanks for the replies.