Controlplane vs Sidekick

As a rather fond user of Controlplane it bugs me that it’s out of deveopment.
So I found Sidekick.

Have someone made the switch or is there any Sidekick users that could give some information on how it works and possible how you use it?

Another options is to use Keyboard Maestro for this sort of thing. A macro can be triggered based on the WiFi network you’re connected to (using either an exact or partial match)…and this macro can do things like launch/quit apps, mount volumes, and adjust the speaker volume.


Also, Hammerspoon, which does require lua scripting, but you can mostly stick snippets together to get the desired result.
Also, if you want to try your hand at scripting (I say scripting, not programming, since I consider lua barely an inch above bash) lua is a great choice, since it’s FAR more user-friendly than even AppleScript, and the HammerSpoon APIs are very well documented.

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I’d never heard of Hammerspoon. This looks really useful. Thanks for the heads-up!