Convert Time Zones with Siri?

Does anyone know a quick way to ask Siri, “what is 2PM Eastern in my time zone?” Or something like that. Several times a week I want a quick conversion of time zones and it astonishes me Siri gets a brain cramp every time I ask. Is there some verbiage to make this work?

PS. I know there are lots of apps and calendar tools to make this happen. I’m hoping for a quick “2PM Eastern = noon mountain” type of answer without using an app or adding something to my calendar.

Don’t know about Siri, but I can ask the A-lady “If it’s 2pm pacific time what time is it in eastern” and she will tell me.

She can also tell me what time zone I am in (“Grand Rapids is in Eastern standard time”), but she can’t seem to make the leap to converting time without me explicitly requesting which time zone I want it converted to.

Edit - just tried this with Siri and she wants to redirect me to a time zone converter online, which is less than ideal. :frowning:

I believe this is beyond Siri’s ability. What it is able to do reliably (in my experience, anyway) is tell you what time it is now in another city. So if you ask “What time is it in Boston?” it will give you the right answer almost immediately, with none of that “Here’s a web page” nonsense.

I realize this is both the opposite of the conversion you want and, since it works only for the current time, less general. Maybe consider turning Siri’s answer into what you want to be one of those mental exercises people tell you to do to ward off cognitive decline.