Converted 20" iMac to picture frame

I repurposed an old 20" iMac by using the front bezel with glass panel.
Cut ¼" MDF to size to from a back and glued some sheet metal to it before covering it with black velvet flocking liner..
Then I stuck a strip of white LED lights to the inside of and used magnets to mount a picture.

It all turned out OK. What I did not foresee what how ruthless the LED light would show even the smallest speck of dust on the picture, velvet or inside of the glass. Open to suggestions how to avoid this…

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Interesting project. Unfortunately, due to the lighting being across the image, as you’ve found, it’s going to greatly exaggerated any spec of dust.

When I’m framing prints I try to work in a room that’s as dust free as possible, clean the inside of the glass with a glass cleaner, use a duster, microfibre cloth or kitchen paper towel to wipe everything down and hope for the best. (Be really careful & light if wiping over the print, often they can scratch quite easily). It normally takes a number of attempts at cleaning, assembling, finding dust, take apart, repeat cleaning and repeat before being satisfied. When finishing up, the back of the frame is sealed up with framers tape to stop dust or thunder bugs getting in. Quite the battle.

Perhaps the only other tool I could think of that might help would be a Rocket Blower or similar to try & chase out any dust before closing it up.


Thanks for the advice, the felt is a magnet for dust particles.
Thankfully it still looks good with the lights off.
I will try to diffuse the led lights with some white tape.

“Looks good with the lights off”

So do I.

Anyway, that is a cool project.

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