Converting from Android to iPhone

I recently bought my mother in law an iPhone 7. I did this for a few reasons. She’s been an android user for some time but is interested in features like FaceTime and shared photo albums. We also decided to do this because My wife and I just had our first child in October and my mother in law acting as a sort of nanny. With that role we all agreed it will be easier to be in the same ecosystem Where I can also provide better tech support.

Does anyone have suggestions or resources for this process? My experience with Android is limited so I’m excited to learn something new in this process.

Apple has an app on the android app store that all help with the transfer of data to an iPhone. I have no direct experience of it, so can’t really offer more advice than to direct you to it.

Its easy to transfer a lot of stuff from a google account by signing into both iCloud and google and enabling syncing. Once everything is synced you can optionally sign out of google stuff.


I‘ve had multiple opportunities to use the app when helping others switching. Although my experience is a couple of years old, back then it worked fine.

Keep in mind, though, that only certain data ist transferred, so it’s not comparable to an iPhone to iPhone transfer.

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Thanks everyone! Being a new parent has made me not so quick in replying (or in doing much else these days!) and we haven’t made the transition yet, but I want to say I appreciate the links and support!