Converting .mov to .mp4

What tools do you recommend for video conversion? I’ve used Permute in the past but returning to this topic after a long absence.

Any other recommendations?

VLC can do it.
Download VLC for MacOS

Pretty straight forward - File → Convert/Stream → Drag your .mov into the
dialog box, and select your Output format.


I’d use handbrake:


I would use ffmpeg; haven’t tried it with .mov to .mp4 specifically but it tends to be my go-to tool for converting media formats.

Are there any apps which use the GPU cores in the M1 Pro/Max for coversion/transcoding?

I’ve tried Permute and Handbrake, but both dump all the work on the CPU cores.

I then did the same conversion in DaVinci Resolve, which converts on the GPU cores, and the conversion is literally 6x - 10x quicker than Permute/Handbrake. On my M1 Max, Handbrake transcoded at 30 - 50 fps, depending on settings. DaVinci processed the same file >300fps

DaVinci is obviously an absurd tool to use just for video conversion/transcoding. (e.g. you have to create a new video editing project and timeline etc).

Any suggestions?

Some quick googling suggests that maybe WinX HD Video Converter for Mac can, but the app is so ugly I immediately deleted it before trying.

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