Cookie 6 for Mac

FYI the latest version of Sweet PO Production’s Cookie, an app which auto-deletes (or whitelists) cookies (and Flash ‘super-cookies’) in Mac browsers, just came out. I have been using it since 2013 to automatically delete cookies every 45 minutes. Before today the app had one paid upgrade in 2016. It’s currently in the Mac App Store (or from the developer) for $19.99, but if you already own Cookie 5 you can email the dev and get a discount coupon to buy directly from him. (I don’t know what the discount is yet; I am waiting to hear back.)

That price is admittedly a little pricey though - in 2013 I paid $8 for the app and later another $8 for the upgrade - but if the upgrade to v.6 is in the $10 range then it is a no-brainer for me. App has worked great for me for many years, and is regularly updated when new browser versions break things.


Thanks for bringing this to our attention, bought it right away.



The upgrade is $10 I have been told.

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I have a non-power user type question. If I use this to delete cookies on my Mac will the deletion migrate to my iOS devices as it does with clear history in Safari preferences?

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Correct, upgrade price is $10. I bought it earlier this year, but it was part of Bundle Hunt, so I only paid a few bucks for it, so I didn’t mind supporting the developer a little more.

No, it will only delete cookies on the Mac as far as I know.

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Yes, I got a reply that went into my Spam folder. I upgraded. App categories and prefs are better laid out and seemingly more comprehensive than v.5. So far so good in Brave and Safari.

I know the article is more than 2 years old, but am going to check that app out as I am tired of my privacy being compromised.