Cool Indie Developer Side Project Apps

I was searching for a color picker utility this morning and stumbled upon Sindre Sorhus, who has a bunch of neat utilities, all free or reasonably priced and well-reviewed.

I wondered if you have favorite devs, just single folks, perhaps a bit obscure, with a trove of side projects.

Also thinking of Matthew Palmer, who makes Rocket, Vanilla, and Horo.

Might be nice to set up a Twitter list or feed or something to watch these folks for new toys.


Tyler Hall – Retina Studio (formerly Click On Tyler) – falls into this category, I think.


This is exactly what I was hoping for. When looking into the link you shared, I also found this link to additional apps Tyler makes available for free:


Cost me US $5 for Text Buddy … :slight_smile:

Brett’s Projects - – scroll down for the free ones. There are some gems. (But I happily pay for Marked, without which I could not … well, do much at all, since I live in Markdown)


Patrick Wardle/Objective See, lots of neat little utilities. Mainly security-related.


I played with Rebudget last night and it’s just the right-sized money app for me. I like how you can forecast the effects of changes and also not have to track/integrate every last thing. It took me a bit of fiddling to figure out how to enter everything (onboarding is nil and I couldn’t find a tutorial or support page), but it’s a little gem.

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I’ve been a long-time TextSoap user, so I haven’t spent much time with Text Buddy. Hopefully it was $5 well-spent. :slight_smile:

Cool. I haven’t tried it. In another life, I used Tyler’s VirtualHost X app a lot, and I’ve run Ears since virtual court and meetings became a way of life. I like his apps.

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A few other suggestions:

I don’t know if Houdah Software is just one person, but they’ve got their pay apps (HoudahSpot, HoudahGeo, and Tembo) as well as some handy free ones, such as CustomShortcuts.

I only use HyperKey from Ryan Hanson, but he’s got a lot of other utility apps on his site that look interesting.

Irradiated Software also has little utility apps in their Labs section, Shortcut Detective being the only one I’ve used.


I like his apps.

Little comments like that mean the world to me. Thanks :slight_smile:


Likely too late for you at this point, but for future customers, there’s a Getting Started guide available underneath the Help menu (that should have appeared on the first launch…I’ll look into that).