Copy bar and app to collapse icons in menu bar - what the heck were their names?

So there are two apps I’ve seen in MacSparky videos or seen mentioned here in forums. But I can’t seem to find the posts with their name.

One has a bar that pops up when you right click that has a bunch of stuff beyond just copy.

The other puts a little < or > symbol in the menu bar next to all the icons on the right. It collapses or expands all the icons. Since I found this forum I’ve bought quite a bit of software and my icon tray is getting quite cluttered.


Bartender, probably. Great utility.

The other one might be popclip. :smiley:

Ah yes that fits the description better @memex !

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I guess we both got it right :wink:

That was them! Thanks gentleman for your quick replies.

Just wanted to give an update. The app bar program I was thinking about wasn’t Bartender, but Vanilla. Vanilla puts a less than or greater than symbol to expand or collapse the app bar.

It’s free, although there is a “pro” version for $4.99 (US). I upgraded to pro just to support the developer.

The cool thing is that it’s compatible with Bartender (which I’d purchased already). So I use Vanilla to expand my bar, and Bartender controls which apps I see by default. I can then click on the bartender icon to switch to my lesser used app icons.

One tip though, make sure you have your app bar in expanded mode already when you click Bartender to switch to your second set of app icons. It doesn’t crash or anything, but when you switch bartender will show whatever secondary icons it can fit in the collapsed vanilla area. Then when you expand vanilla bartender switches back to the primary set of icons, which means you have to click on bartender again to swap back to the secondary set.

Lots of extra clickery, but not a big deal. So far I’m liking the combo.

Bartender also allows you to expand/collapse the icon bar.

What exactly does Vanilla do in this respect that Bartender can/does not?

In that respect, I have to admit nothing really. They are just two different ways to hide icons. It was actually Vanilla that I was looking for when I asked the question, but when Bartender was suggested to me, I thought I hadn’t remembered the app correctly and since bartender seemed close, thought that was it.

I will admit I find the combo of Bartender and Vanilla to be quite useful.

With Bartender, I use the “hidden” group to house what I call my 3rd level menu bar icons. These are the ones I seldom need to see or access.

I then have what I call my 2nd level icons. These are the ones I use at least once a day. Things like LastPass, OneDrive, etc.

With Vanilla I can take these 2nd level icons and further break them into two groups. The 1st level icons are the ones I always want visible. For me, these are my status information icons, the clock, battery level, and wifi indicator. I always want to see these.

The remaining icons I can use Vanilla to hide and when I need to see my 2nd level apps it’s easy to click on Vanilla to show them.

I realize this may seem extreme for just some icons, but I have about 20, several of which I have no need to access on any kind of a regular basis. Take TextExpander for example, once you get it configured like you want you rarely need to open it.

For me, the quicker I can access what I need the more productive I can be. Thus the less I have to look over to find what I want the better. Same reason a lot of people limit what goes in their Dock.