Copy photo data from memory stick to photos

**I am sure there is a simple answer to what you all will consider a simple question. How do you transfer/copy all the data for pictures from a mem stick to photo on a Mac. Example: ensuring that the title that a picture was given on on the stick - “Carnival cruise” and when it is copied to the may it continues to be “Carnival cruise”.

Are these files you’re merely transferring that reside on a USB flash drive (which you are calling a memory stick), or is it a Sony Memory Stick™ removed from a Sony camera?

And do you mean the Apple Photos app?

They are on my mac and a thumb drive. When my wife loaded them to her mac they didn’t load the names etc

Yes - via apple photos app

Are you saying you have files on your Mac which you/wife manually copied to a thumb drive and which have different file names when copied to another Mac? If so, were the files exported from Photos/iPhoto/Lightroom/etc or were they drag-and-dropped from the Finder to the thumb drive? It’s best if you can be specific and detailed. Thanks.

FYI, if you have added titles to pics in Photos and simply drag-drop them to the Finder (or a folder or another drive) they will not carry over, as the file names remain the same, and file names are different from titles.

To preserve the title you need to select the images you want to copy, then use File > Export to copy images to a new destination with “Use Title” selected from the options for File Name (in addition to choosing the desired size and image quality).


Thanks. Been off the grid for a couple of days

My wife thanks you. She is the Photo “maniac” of the family. I think she is passed 34k photos.

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