Copy photos from Windows Phone to Mac or iPad

Hi all, I have a relative with an obsolete Windows Nokia Lumia phone which has many photos. I’d like to back them up onto a Mac or iPad. Just plugging the thing in via USB does nothing. Microsoft used to supply apps to connect the phone but withdrew them a few years ago when they ceased to support the platform. Any suggestions?

I’d guess under a hundred photos. There’s no SD card capability. I tried connecting it to a Windows machine, it did not mount there either. My relative does not use email, but I created an email account on the phone and tried to email a photo; the email was delivered without the photo. Bluetooth didn’t connect with the iPhones and iPads in the area.

How about getting them iCloud for Windows, uploading the photos then sharing them to you. New accounts still get 5Gb free.

OK. We’ll see if that works next time I visit. Thanks!

Alternatively they could possibly even more easily upload to Google Photos, which has an unlimited storage limit. There isn’t a Windows Phone app (I don’t think there’s a Windows Phone app for iCloud either) but Google Photos offers unlimited jpeg storage and sharing it easy as well. As with iCloud, if you’re not using desktop Windows you’d be uploading from the browser on the phone itself.