Copying a website on mobile

Why is it so difficult?

Mostly when you want to use the share sheet, all you will get is a link to the site. What if I don’t have a computer to go back and copy the site with a desktop browser (In this case I do)?

In this instance, I had to carefully copy the entire article. This only works if the site will let you copy. I pasted it in the mobile Apple Pages app. (1Writer, even though it’s supposed to be a markdown app, only copied the text and no links and no formatting.)

I saved the Apple Pages document and went back and got the link. I pasted the link in the proper place in the document. I saved the document again, went back and copied the title and renamed the document in the Pages file picker screen.

Bear’s clipper works pretty well on mobile from the share sheet and will capture the full text and add the link at the end of a note in one go. On most websites it will also capture all the images. The only downside is that this will not work on websites where you need to log in or are behind a paywall, and sometimes does not capture all the pictures – this largely depends on the way the website works.

You can then export from Bear to PDF, Markdown, DOCX, HTML or any of a number of formats.

The other option would be to use DEVONthink + DTTG, as it will natively capture to a variety of formats, plus there are several shortcut workflows available to make the process easier,


I found a Safari extension for mobile called ToMarkdown. It outputs a markdown page that you have to select everything, then copy and paste to your target word processor. A little clunky, but it does work.

Bear is definitely an option If you don’t want to have to go through all the hassle.

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