Copying DVDs to the ipad

I had used handbrake to rip a dvd to the Mac, then transferred that movie to my iPad with WALTR2. The dvd had the main feature (movie), but I also wanted to see the documentary on the dvd also. When I played the movie on my iPad, only the main feature was ther. I really wanted to see the documentary.

Is there a better way to get all of the contents from a dvd into a format that can be transferred with WALTR?

I’m not sure about WALTR since I’ve never used it, but as far as getting things from disc-to-device, I’ve always preferred MakeMKV to Handbrake. I even bought a license, but it’s free to use right now, even for ripping Blu-Rays (which was my primary use-case).


I use Waltr 2 to get music and movies onto my iOS devices. It’s not ripping software, it’s more transferring software. The benefit is that music goes into Apple Music along with everything else and movies go into the appropriate section also as opposed to having things spread across multiple apps

Most likely, each component video you want on the iPad will need to be broken out and transferred as an individual file.

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I’ve tried makemkv, but it didn’t allow me to select the titles I wanted to rip

I don’t think makemkv has a transfer to iPad feature, but it does decode a dvd, which is what Ive tried.