Copying iPhoto library to external drive

I have my dad’s computer (running Monterey) that has a bunch of photos on it which are synced to iCloud. I want to take all the photos off of iCloud because it’s using up too much space.

The setting in Photos currently is that the full res photos are on the computer. I’m now copying the iPhoto library onto the external drive simply by dragging the icon from the Pictures folder.

I know I can get inside the app to see the files in the Finder if I ever need. But I’m wondering if there is a smarter way for me to copy all the files to an external drive. For example, should I select all the photos and do an export? That seems unnecessary but I haven’t spent much time thinking about this.



Apple has a how to on their website for this here.

Note the key part to designate it as the system photo library, otherwise new photos won’t get downloaded to this copy you’ve just made.

Hope that helps?

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Can’t you just turn iCloud Photos syncing off in System Preferences?

Or, do you also need to get the photos off of the computer?

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That is hysterical. Didn’t even think of that. That should suffice!