CopyThat copies photos and videos from iPhone and iPad to external drive or network share

Surprised this hasn’t been mentioned here.

It works pretty much as the title says, copying your photos and videos from your iPhone or iPad to either an external drive connected to your device using, for example, the Lightning to USB-3 Camera Adapter.
It will also copy to a network share, so if you’ve shared a folder on your network, you can connect to it using the Files app, then choose it as a destination in CopyThat.

Most features are free. If you spend the US$2.99, you get verify on copy, and delete from device options.

Edit: I have 18k photos and videos, and am copying to a network share. ETA is about 5 1.5 hours , so might be something to start at night.


I have Photosync, which does similar I believe - however, the verify on copy would be good, as there have been occasional hiccups and poorly transferred images (but once in a blue moon and usually as a result of a connection being lost).

However, since I bought iCloud storage space and now keep my photos in the cloud, I haven’t used it as much, in part because it would only backup the thumbnails, not the entire image.

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I wonder if this had to do with the Optimize setting, where full images are stored in iCloud, and a thumbnail on your phone?

In backing my photos up, it alerted me to the fact that some 6k pictures weren’t on my phone due to being optimized to the cloud. I turned Optimize off, and it’s working another couple of hours to back everything up this time.

Yeah, pretty much. I don’t download all the photos to my phone, so that was probably the reason.

I’m actually testing Copy That and PhotoSync to back up my photos (~9k) from iPad Pro to an external SSD.

The initial experience with neither is satisfactory.

  1. PhotoSync managed to cancel before finishing due to some vague error saying it can’t copy a particular photo. The main problem is that it didn’t mark any successfully transferred photos as “Transferred” so I had to do it all over.

  2. Copy That looks cleaner and performs faster than PhotoSync. But it doesn’t extract the .mov files from live photos.