Corraling (and finding!) keyboard shortcuts / hotkeys

The problem: Many Mac apps have their own keyboard shortcuts and hotkeys and I don’t know which ones have what, and which ones take precedence. I tried KeyCue (recommended in another topic) but its scope seems to be limited to System and the frontmost app.

For instance, I wanted to define Control-Command-C to do a sequential paste but, no, some happy little app somewhere in my setup uses it to blast confetti (!!!) across the screen (below, so you can share in my pained amusement). Net effect is that when I set a hotkey in an app such as Pastebot, it may not work if something else has that hotkey and I can’t debug this without killing one app or another and iterating. I run a lot of apps that offer shortcuts (Keyboard Maestro, Loom, Pastebot, BTT, TextExpander, and etc.)

Anyone know of an app that lists all hotkeys? Or, anyone have a suggestion for better keyboard shortcut practices?

Also, what sets the precedence for which app has first dibs on a keystroke?

You can use Irradiated Software - Labs - Beta Tested • Gamma Blasted shortcut detective to find out which app is capturing your shortcut and also there’s KeyCue which will show you all shortcuts for the app / system

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I have no solution for you, but I do really want to know what app is blasting confetti across your screen. I need that in my life. :tada:

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I Googled “confetti Mac” and discovered Loom is doing it. :slight_smile:

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Ok, probably an unpopular opinion here, but honestly this is one of the main reasons I stopped using a lot of automation tools. I’d forget the keyboard shortcuts, or I’d wind up overwriting existing keyboard shortcuts. There were just too many shortcuts.

One of the great things about the Mac UI is its consistency. Once you learn how to get around in a real Mac app, those keyboard shortcuts and UI paradigms persist across the different apps. This is why I stopped using Vim in favor of BBEdit. Because how I edit text now in BBEdit is pretty similar to how it’s done anywhere else. Too much customization and I just wind up getting confused.