CottonBureau... am I alone?

I’m in the UK and I bought a podcast t-shirt from Cotton Bureau back in Sept. Estimated delivery date: 2nd November. That’s fine, I’ll accept it.

I haven’t heard from them until today when I got a letter from the post office asking me to pay customs (which aren’t cheap!!)

It’s going to be quite an expensive t-shirt and I‘m regretting the purchase already!!

So I wonder…why are so many podcasts relying on a company that is not able to deliver outside of the US at a decent price??? (I know customs is not their fault, but are there not alternatives out there able to fulfill outside of the US?)

No more cotton bureau tshirts for me which is a pitty because there are a few I’d like to buy including the MPU one…

There are very few companies we’ve found who can print and deliver from the US and Europe. The one we used to use at Relay FM had a huge dive in quality to the point whole runs of shirts had to be replaced. I know it’s not ideal, and we’re always looking for alternatives.

Thanks Stephen.

My comment was obviously not towards any podcast but more about the frustration of having a t-shirt that cost me $50 with almost half of it going to delivery and customs fees (I would feel better if it all went to Relay or to the podcast hosts).

Anyway, rant over, moving on…:grinning:

Enjoy your new shirt :slight_smile:

I am in no way affiliated to this company, but I have been using them about 10 years ago and had no issues.

These days, they have offices and production sites in Germany, in the United States, in Poland and in the Czech Republic. They are offering shop solutions in 18 countries.

If this company is new to you, it may be something to check out. If not, please ignore my post. :slight_smile:

I never ordered from Cotton Bureau because being in Europe (Germany), I do not want to bother with importing a shirt for exactly the reasons @AFC seems to be experiencing right now…