Could Cleanmymac be bad for us rather than good?

I advised a friend that CleanMyMac was great as I have CMM3 and have used it for a number of years now. He downloaded the latest version and also has recently downloaded Mojave. He immediately let me know how unhappy he was because he felt that it slowed everything down. He took his MacBook to a colleague who he says is a Mac specialist who advised him that CMM was terrible and shouldn’t be installed etc. That it was practically malware and very difficult to get off of his computer.

My colleague trusts his friend and so has removed it and also come back telling me the whole tale.

Personally, I have never had any issues and always been really happy with it. Still, I cannot ignore the concerns my colleague had given his experience.

Have any of you got anything to say about CleanMyMac and whether there is anything negative to consider before continuing to use it?

His Mac friend has some misleading ideas about CMM. I would say so for MacKeeper which is indeed a malware.


The folks behind Clean My Mac are Paw, the company who also make SetApp. I think your friend’s friend mixed up MacKeeper and Clean My Mac as said by @mina, this happens quite frequently sadly.

Sometimes cleaning your machine up can slow things down - why? Clearing a cache means things have to be loaded back into it, for example. Usually a reboot will sort out anything truely weird going on, but in my experience a little patience does the trick and then I get the benefit of having cleared out that 5GB of trashed pictures I always forget about.


I have to agree with the others. I have used CMM for years and just went to CMM X. One machine I have is a 2012 MB Air with minimal everything. I run CMM frequently on it just to maintain the best performance I can get.

Now, MacKeeper is a horse of a completely different color. If I see that app associated with any other apps I’m looking at, I’m very careful to give it a wide berth. It’s almost a virus in that once it’s installed, it’s very hard to get rid of. My boss, who is quite computer illiterate, had 6 instances of MacKeeper running on his machine. It’ll sneak in at the slightest opportunity.

Bottom line: go with CMM, especially CMM X. It has a lot of good improvements, including an uninstaller and updater.


CMM has fixed lots of stuff on my Mac, freed me insane amounts of space used by temp files, etc. It’s a great app I would not want to be without.

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