CPAP (APAP) Machine with best iOS (iPhone) Integration?

@D_Rehak started a good thread on sleep here:

@glenthompson was the sole respondent in the above thread that mentioned his usage of a CPAP machine. I am hoping he may see my thread and contribute more thoughts here specific to his usage of the CPAP machine.

With the above in mind, I would love to have Mac Power Users (MPU) listeners chime in on a machine they would recommend to those who know technology, but also with an eye to practicality in the sense that, the machine’s primary or dominant function is paramount and should not be traded off for the sake of “bells and whistles”.

I have an older Phillips Respironic machine. It has a SD card that can be read by the Sleepyhead app on my Mac.

Most important features include a comfortable, good fitting mask, humidifier, quiet, operation, and user configurable.

I currently use a Respironics S9, but would like to move to something with more bells and whistles (and smaller configuration) such as the ResMed Airsense 10. There is an open-source software package called OSCAR, which may have replaced Sleepyhead. Not sure. It has instructions for importing Sleepyhead data, at least.

Some years ago, I tried just reading the text data off the SD card, but that was less than optimal, so I just stopped. Perhaps OSCAR or Sleepyhead will do better.

I use the ResMed Airsense 10 and it’s a good machine. It is quiet and, on good nights, I find the mask almost unnoticeable. Sleepyhead has indeed gone to rest ( :wink: ) so I have just downloaded OSCAR and will see how that goes.

Yes, it looks like OSCAR is replacing (and is based on) Sleepyhead:

I have a Phillips Respironics DreamStation. It has an iOS app, but it doesn’t provide detailed info. I used Sleepyhead with my last CPAP, but haven’t tried it yet with the DreamStation. Don’t see why OSCAR wouldn’t work, though.