Craft Adds AI Writing Assistant

After reading this thread, I thought there may be interest in Craft’s new AI Writing Assistant feature. I’m going to give it a whirl to see if it can benefit my work. Depending on my experience, this could prompt me to reconsider my current writing apps (Pages for formal reports, and Ulysses for everything else).

Sounds like toxic productivity to me! :blush:


In the meantime, Grammarly starts to sweat…


I’ve used it to write note outline and summary for me. I find it really useful.

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Craft’s AI is interesting, but I haven’t found it useful in my writing.

For personal use, it’s pretty amazing. For example, I asked for a list of five vegan deserts for the holidays, along with links to recipes, and within 2 seconds had this – verbatim from the AI prompt box.

Edit: ok, that looks amazing. But no! It appears that web links provided by the AI are all fake. None of these pages exist. I’m seeing this in other requests too. The AI just makes up links that look real but aren’t.


Personally, I think that’s awesome (not useful, but cool). I asked it for a list of the best books of a specific genre, and it invented all the books and the summaries. At first glance, it looked real.