is amazing…..that is all

You are really making me curious. Do you subscribe? I don’t understand the free personal license. how might that cramp my style?

Yes, I’m subscribed (and I will revisit this commitment in roughly 8 months now to see if I like the direction the app has taken, or it’s back to Obsidian). The free version is really a demo version, you have almost all the features but you’re limited to 100 blocks in your notes (which still allow you to gauge the functionality). The paid version is currently limited at 100000 blocks per space, but with unlimited spaces.

In a nutshell, if you really want to use it, you have to pay for it as you will quickly run into the 100 blocks limit, but the devs have to make a living in some way of course :slightly_smiling_face:

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Yea, if I was a lite user, or only planning to use it for media, I would stick with free Evernote or even Apple Notes.

Craft is my note app now too because it works with my brain the best. Back linking has been crucial to see contexts of previous notes quickly. I know Obsidian does this, but I don’t use it because it’s not as pretty (imho). $45 to me is worth it because it provides value to my chaotic brain.


Admittedly i’ve carried a torch for Evernote just because it was one of the first syncing Notebooks back in the day but I just can’t stomach the value prop anymore.

I’ve never really been able to “commit” to a note app for some reason and often when I see the escalating pricing structures and lack of meaningfull development in the areas that I need personally I understand why i’m hesitant to buy in to some of these services. My Evernote subscription lapses in August and once Craft implements tables i’m going premium.

My initial test will be how to integrate Drafts, Craft and DevonThink in a way that makes me efficient. I’m still going to keep iA Writer and other tools for their unique features but i’m hoping that D-C-DT becomes the triumvirate that I need to manage the pipeline of information.

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should I even ask if it supports TE on iOS?

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I’m experimenting with a similar workflow but testing BOTH Obsidian and Craft. My workflow with Obsidian (and this is not completely linear, I just don’t know how else to represent it) is:

Draft/iA Writer - Obsidian.

I’ve eliminated DT in the workflow. I use it now as a utility–OCR, file conversion, etc., if/as needed. Everything resides in iCloud via Finder.

In Obsidian, I created ONE vault, which includes an inbox.

At present, I have my work notes in both Craft and Obsidian but I must confess that I’m leaning heavily toward Obsidian for all the reasons I and others have outlined. Using Drafts, iAWriter, and Obsidian requires no subscriptions and everything is local on my devices, synced in iCloud and backed up on external drives and Backblaze. This seems to be working well.

I may have finally found a minimalist approach to all of my documents and notes. but, I have not made a final decision between Obsidian and Craft and I wont for several months.

My only remaining quandary is my long-form writing app. I’m using Scrivener and experimenting with Obsidian for this purpose.

I abandoned Evernote a long time ago. As David Sparks has said, it is a roach motel. I also don’t find the ROI to be good.


Now would it be on the well-maintained official page of TE-enabled apps, I wonder… :grin:
(As you guessed, it does not. The last efforts Smile did on that front might date back to the skeuomorphic days of iOS)


I have to say, that I too jumped in the Craft bandwagon and I’m using it as a note taker/keeper of my one on one meetings with my reports. It is a truly delightful app to use.


Ok I have had it a week and I still have not used it. I just don’t see place for it yet. I must be missing something. This is to write pretty notes to other people? @anon85228692 ?

Not at all, this is a notes app where you can also produce short to medium documents you can export, and occasionally collaborate on.

If you have a notes app you’re happy with, Craft won’t do much for you.

ok… I think craft is super sharp but I use goodnotes for the “artsy” notes and drafts for the action notes. Im not going to delete craft though.

For what it is worth, I think you may be too focused on the aesthetic of Craft. Underlying that aesthetic is a plethora of robust features. You can see those by looking at some of the prior posts about Craft. I’m not trying to convince you that Craft is for you, or anyone else for that matter. But I think that the emphasis on the aesthetic of the app rather than its underlying features fails to take into account the capabilities of the app.


I like Craft for everything but writing and editing text. There’s way too much reliance on the mouse, plus many standard keyboard shortcuts on the Mac get used for other purposes, or don’t work. ⌘A, for example, doesn’t always select all. Sometimes it only selects all of the current block.

And the shortcut for selecting all the text to the end of the current paragraph (I forget what it is, but it’s saved in my fingers) will instead move the current text block down.

It’s almost perfect otherwise.

That selection text bug irks me as well and I’m bugging the developers on Slack to solve it (no success so far… :sweat_smile:)

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If your cursor is inside of a block press “command a” twice and all of the blocks will be selected.


I agree, this frustrates the living daylights out of me, makes it extremely difficult to write any lengthy text. I hope they come up with a better solution.

If your cursor is inside of a block press “command a” twice and all of the blocks will be selected.

This is new to me, thanks. That said, it still doesn’t solve the frustration of “ And the shortcut for selecting all the text to the end of the current paragraph … will instead move the current text block down.”

I’ve done this so many times …. :frowning:

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I’m now back ro writing in Ulysses, which then makes me wonder if I can do everything in there. The thing is, Craft’s clipping and organizational tools are incredible.

But anything to do with text quickly drives me nuts. Even trying to select a paragraph, without selecting the entire block.

Any suggestions for an alternative dashboard app where you can clip stuff, and organize links? Should be markdown, so Notes is out :frowning:

I don’t use a dashboard or organize links as such. I make extensive use of URL links and back-linking between and within apps but I do not utilize a dashboard. Things 3 and my calendar serve that purpose for me because I only need two “dashboards”—my appointments and my projects. Each project and task (where needed) has a link to the appropriate document wherever it resides—app, drive, etc.

If I need a clipping, article, etc., for future reference I save it to iCloud or Google Drive under appropriate folders, e.g, research. My temporary storage location is the Desktop because it syncs and is available on all of my devices. For example, the screenshot of my workflow was temporarily stored on my desktop on my iPad.

Below is my digital workflow. I’ve struggled between Craft and Obsidian but I’m using Obsidian much more. I also used Ulysses but I don’t want the subscription so I use Scrivener for complex writing projects, otherwise, I use Obsidian and/or iA Writer. I’m only using plain text md files for all writing.

I hope this helps!