is amazing…..that is all

@Bmosbacker I am really quite perturbed. Because of all your excellent posts regarding #craft, I was compelled to download it. For some time, I have been looking to jump off the #evernote wagon and couldn’t find a suitable replacement. While doing a deep-dive into #obsidian I figured what the hell; let’s throw caution to the wind!

It is absolutely delightful and exactly what I wanted as a replacement for Evernote. So, thank you. :smiley:


That is delightful to read, you are very welcome and I’m glad Craft is working out for you. :grin:

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I have left Evernote for Craft. It’s been amazing. I look at Obsidian occasionally, but Craft is just too darn pretty.


@adamashlock and @Jeremy … in leaving Evernote for Craft, did you import all of your Evernotes into Craft? If so, how did you do it?

Thanks in advance!

Sigh! Hate* you all … downloading Craft now … :pensive:

*you know that’s a joke right? :wink:


Unless you subscribe you’ll need to import files one at a time, and they’ll all get stamped with an ad for subscriptions. Not cool.

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This doesn’t ring true.


I didn’t import all of them. I did a couple of things. First, I accepted that I would have Evernote around as kind of a cold storage. I just started taking notes in Craft, and if I had a need for something, I’ll search Evernote, then I’ll move that note to Craft by copy and paste usually.

For the notebooks I did want to import, I went via Bear. Evernote to Bear to TextBundle to Craft. I used the legacy version of Evernote to accomplish this.

Here is a link to someone else who made a nice craft document explaining the process. How to migrate from Evernote to Craft Docs

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Similar to @Jeremy I’m taking this opportunity to prune some of my digital hoard. Mission critical information was moved first with remainder a little at a time. The urge to do a massive dump and sort it later was strong, but it’s nice to rediscover some of the content I’ve created / saved previously.

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I haven’t experienced this and can’t seem to find a reference. Do you have an example where this has happened? Not a “challenge” but genuinely want to look into in more detail.

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Love the app, it really does it all.
Well, Notion-like databases would be nice way down the line — but I think I’m better off without it.

Do you have any considerations of it getting bogged down with multimedia attachments?
I ran into that issue with Evernote a long time back, and I’ve been trying to keep Craft leaner with minimal local attachments.

Maybe it’s not an issue these days? My DayOne backup size is 10–15GB (I add plenty of photos daily) and it doesn’t have any hiccups.

Create a Markdown file in your editor of choice. I used Byword:

Using an unlicensed copy of Craft, import that file.

Here’s what you’ll get:

Craft is way better than Obsidian for iPad and iPhone power users in my opinion.


:joy: I have actually gone the other way since the release of Obsidian mobile app… I will probably change back to Craft tomorrow… why is it so hard to stick with one.


Because they each have their strengths and weakness. And, I suspect, because we frequent this forum. I wonder if “ignorance might be bliss?” :slight_smile:


Huh. That is interesting and can’t seem to replicate. :man_shrugging:

It looks like tables are coming but thought I read somewhere the devs aren’t interested to go into databases.

I never had a speed issue with the legacy version of EN. My experience with the new electron implementation is Gods awful.

Guess I’ll see pretty quick after pruning 4k EN notes and migrating to Craft. :man_shrugging:

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I don’t use Evernote daily, just as a repository of important documents (mostly document scans now). But I miss OCR. I think that used to be a free feature (or maybe I just don’t remember paying), but Craft seems like overkill for something like this. I’m not a writer. I don’t make presentations. But given that then (totally reasonable) $45/yr price is required for “High quality media attachments” and that’s primarily what I would use it for, I’m not sure it’s the best solution.

Evernote’s restriction of only syncing one device type (and a $8/mo 1st tier) is the thing that is pushing me away. I also use 1Password6 as a repo of software licenses, and LastPass for passwords. I discovered being able to import 1P records into Bitwarden, so I will stop using 1P & LP and move passwords and software licenses to Bitwarden, but I don’t think I can put images (jpg/pdf) in Bitwarden.

Any suggestions for a place to store (and make easy to retrieve) images of license plates, drivers licenses, important receipts etc? Is Craft a good option for this, if that’s all I’m using it for? I’m interested in a cross-platform solution, but really only for my iPhone & Mac.

For sensitive information I recommend 1Password. That is where I keep PWs, license plate infor., and a host of other important information.

I use the Finder in iCloud to store receipts, manuals, etc., and backup everything 3 times a week to external drives (and I use Backblaze).

I don’t see Craft as a good repository for what you describe. I consider Craft to be an excellent note taking application. I don’t consider it a writing application except perhaps short blog articles (though I don’t use it for that either). The short version of how I’m handling resources:

  • 1Password for any sensitive information that needs to be secured.
  • iCloud/Finder for general files, e.g., manuals, receipts, tax records (I don’t keep tax records in 1Password because I keep seven years of tax documents). Another option is to import documents like tax records and other sensitive large documents into a program like DEVONthink
  • Obsidian for research
  • Craft for meeting/project notes

Another option is to store some of the information you referred in Apple Notes and lock it/them. I don’t consider this an ideal solution for several reasons but it is doable.


DEVONthink. It’s end-to-end encrypted and it’s a document repository. Craft is my notes app, DT is my library / admin app.