Craft Question - Sidebar Sort Order

I all - I really am enjoying Craft app. I moved from Craft to obsidian but now I am back - I do like obsidian, its just that craft worked better for me for a certain set of notes. One thing that is driving be mad is how to change the sort order of the sidebar! I can’t even determine what the default sort order is :slight_smile:

The only thing I see is I am able to “drag” each item and manually sort … is that the only way?


Correct, it is manual sorting. I really like the manual sort on the sidebar as I move through specific folders throughout the day. I can see it would be frustrating for other workflows though.

Thanks for the reply … and now that I know, its not so bad. I don’t mind making my own order … Although having the option to decide how to auto sort would be great in addition to the manual sort would be great.

Definitely a good suggestion you could post on their Slack channel. Cheers!