Crash Apple Music in 4 steps

I’m not looking for support on this, I just wanted to share because I thought it was funny that I could consistently reproduce this. Video below.


  1. Open an album on the Apple Music side (not the old iTunes library side)
  2. Click a track to focus the track list
  3. Select all using ⌘+A
  4. Right-click

Only seems to happen when you view an album on Apple Music, not when viewing an album in your library, as demonstrated by the Strokes album in the video.

I discovered it while trying to add missing tracks to an album I had a few tracks of in my library. I think there used to be a menu item to do this, but it’s not there anymore.

Yes, I sent in a report with the Feedback form :crossed_fingers:
I’m using macOS 12.5.

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There are so many easy ways to crash Apple Music that I genuinely wonder if anybody at Apple uses it.

And yes, it worked also on my iMac… :face_with_raised_eyebrow:

I assume so. Didn’t they rewrite it recently?

I mean, elements of it got rewritten maybe. I was excited to hear about this, and saddened to see that none of my experience has changed. Regularly my paused music is forgotten by Apple Music, so when I sit down in the morning nothing plays. Search doesn’t work, often resulting in error noises when I try to type or empty search results even if I look for a popular query (like “Metallica” or “John Mayer”). Navigating from one area of the app sometimes makes the app crash, or it will fail to load altogether and just hang.

What’s the point in submitting Feedback on all this when the general issue is just “Music doesn’t work in these myriad ways you would certainly notice if you used it every day.”

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You know, we wanted Apple to revise iTunes for years… but not like this.


I had stopped using Apple Music on my Intel Mac mini because of issues, and was running it on my iPad while working all day. When I got the Mac Studio I gave it another try (mainly because my wife, who is a teacher, is home for the summer and has commandeered the iPad).

And it has been working fine for me. Music is remembered across devices (iPhone, iPad, Mac, multiple iPods). Search works. I have not had any hangs or crashes since I started using Music on my Studio.

I’m running macOS 12.5 and Music

Even Siri plays the things I ask it too!

And I have no idea how to troubleshoot any of your issues. Sorry.

Mine crashes constantly on a M1 Max laptop with 64GB of RAM. I don’t think it’s fixed by Apple Silicon. Just luck.

Apple Music, along with the, has also been a hit-or-miss experience for me. Sometimes, it just works like it should and I’m able to navigate the interface pretty easily (it’s just a music player after all…and we all have super powerful machines nowadays with Apple Silicon so it should run and not only walk), display the beautiful animated covers and find a particular song in one of my playlists (although, does anyone know how to search inside a playlist on the Mac? It doesn’t seem to exist unlike on iOS)… However, the app is admittedly not smooth and poorly optimised, especially compared to iOS where I would say it’s “good” (not great, too many useless clicks to navigate from A to B e.g.) :

  • Often, starting a search in the search box actually stops by itself (it loses the focus of the search), this is driving me crazy and overall search on AM is just BAD ;
  • Going back to the artist page (from an album view for instance) can be painfully slow ;
  • I sometimes click on a song and it won’t simply play (on iOS : ‘not authorised’) ;
  • Navigating inside playlists is not smooth at all, furthermore: why aren’t there playlists folders? ;
  • The app can be unresponsive and can crash as explained above from time to time.

I’m on a M1 MBA and this is simply not acceptable for a paid service used daily by millions of users. Especially from Apple who normally takes care of creating well-thought-out and optimised apps… And I didn’t even mentioned the Windows app here.

At this point, they should scrap and buy Roon. Much better (although still buggy).

FWIW, I couldn’t recreate this bug. Now – that crashes 25+ times a day for me.

That seems like something Google would do, not Apple.

I’ve never had any BIG problems with Apple Music, just silly little niggles that I live with and tend to ignore, until a thread like this comes along and I really think about it and realise that I don’t have the same experience in any other app I use, so why so I accept it in Music?

My latest “bug”, which no-one has mentioned here yet but I assume is not unique to me, is that if I pause a track on Mac and use Zoom or Google Meet for a while, when I come back and hit play, Music claims it’s playing the track (the seconds progress), but there’s no sound. Skipping forward a track doesn’t help, the only way to get music again is to hard close the app or navigate to a new playlist. Which is really quite ridiculous, but until today I’d not really thought about how annoying this is!


I have a similar issue with long playlists or albums, some tracks will start playing with no audio. Skipping forward and then back fixes it though.

Yep, this one is a thing. Also, Apple Music will forget what it’s playing. Alfred will still know, and think it’s controlling a song, but the actual music queue in Apple Music will have crashed. Super odd.