CrashPlan 300% increase

CrashPlan increased the monthly fee for my business subscription by 300% this month, without notice. Needless to say, I am directing my staff to cancel the subscription.

Just mentioning in case others find themselves in the same situation.


Which business subscription - Small Business, or Enterprise? From what price then to what price now?

Pricing for Small Business doesn’t seem to have changed. Were you previously grandfathered in at a rate below their current (apparently unchanged) pricing?

Or are you handling multiple user data and they sussed it out and told you you had to pay for the Enterprise plan?

Are you asking if I was cheating? Strange question. No. I wasn’t cheating.


I never asked if you were cheating, but I did note that their Small Business pricing didn’t change, and I did ask several questions you pointedly ignored. :man_shrugging: