Create a link to email in Apple Mail for iPhone

Is it possible to create a link to an email in Apple Mail on the iPhone? On the iPad you can drag the email out and it will create a link (for example in OmniFocus).

I don’t think its possible but wanted to check with you all first.


Unfortunately, I don’t think this is possible. Hopefully it’s an enhancement we’ll see in iOS 13.

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Thanks. That’s what I thought but wanted to make sure I wasn’t missing anything. I forgot dragging out of Apple Mail creates a link on the iPad.

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If Tim Cook granted me just one wish, there’s a very good chance it would be a sharing button in iOS mail.


Someone on this forum created this Shortcut that allows this to be done from Airmail.

The problem is that Apple Mail doesn’t give a sharing button to use the shortcut. Man I hope Apple fixes that.

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If you’re on the iPad, you can drag & drop an email onto a simple Shortcut that launches the share sheet.