Create a Pinned, Floating Window on Desktop?

I stumbled across something on Catalina that I cannot now reproduce.

I had a folder window view placed at the lower right on my desktop. It was a view to one of my Tag sets.

At some point, something rather odd yet rather wonderful happened. Anytime I would open a folder from within the tag window view, the folder that I tried to open would open in the top left corner of the desktop. The source tag view folder remained pinned at the lower right of the desktop screen.

I cannot reconstruct this behavior. I would like to have it back.

What am I missing?


This sounds interesting to me, too. I don’t have any leads, but to ask a few questions: how is this different from e.g., context menu → open in new window? Was the newly-opened folder window a conventional Finder window or different somehow?

It is different in that a) I typically have open in new tab as the default and b) I was not context clicking just simply double clicking.

I might do a wild guess about what may have happened. I may have somehow had something programmed to do a context click to open in new window. I use a trackball system that might have gotten itself out of wack.

Which still means, I want to figure out how to make that behavior stick.


Copy that. And the special thing about these two windows was that the source window would stay in the bottom-right, but the new window would open up further away in the upper left?

Yes. Exactly. Also no context click to open in new window. Just double click to open.


Hmmm. Try this: hold cmd and double-click a folder in Finder.

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I must have had the CMD key inadvertently “stuck” somewhere.

There’s now a track-ball and a Better Touch Tool macro to be developed for this case.

Thank you! Thank you!

ps … It remains odd to me that I am certain that I had the Open in Tab checkbox set. So, the window should have opened in a new TAB, not in a separate window. Oh well. I have something that works how I want. Move on.


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Aha. Happy to help! It is a really neat hidden-ish Finder feature, so I’m glad you asked about it.