Create an online Competition?

Hi all, I need some help in creativity suggestions or software.

With the coronavirus shutting down our annual in-person competition, I need to think of creative ways to celebrate our 20th anniversary competition.

Historically, the youth would complete in a theological competition. They are given material to study and are tested in teams of a maximum of 12 people. Over the years we have done essay questions, oral QAs, and MCQs. The next area of competition is they would learn different types of chants in our services and sing as a group. Those are the team-based activities.

We have other competitions including formal academic papers, song creation, education video creation, photography, and t-shirt designs (based on the theme of the year)

What software would you recommend for doing this online?
What would support up to 1,000 users?

If there is a way to do it live that would be great, or jeopardy style.

Thank you!