Create using AppleCalendar and post in Outlook

I am an able to connect to my Outlook calendar from Apple calendar. I can create an event and post and it appears in my Outlook calendar that I can see but my coworkers who need to know if I am busy do not see that entry. What am I doing wrong?

Your Outlook is connected to your company network, right?

Yes. I am logged in from both Outlook and Apple calendar. But what I create from Apple is not viewable to others nor does it reserve the time as unavailable

I’ve had the issue too, but intermittently. Most of the time events created in Calendar app on MacOS show up as expected on the exchange server, but every now and then… It’s not been an issue in my experience on the iOS side.

I think it’s more likely to occur when I use the sharing framework in an app to create the calendar event. ( “create event” in particular.) My solution has been to switch to Outlook for my exchange account (Office 365) where I can drag and drop an email to create an event.

It would be great if someone has an idea what’s going on.