Creating a Second Music Library...and Moving Music Into It

I would like to create a second Music library on my Mac that only contains holiday music. Apple’s own support article on how to create a second Music library uses this as an example. Creating it is simple enough (holding down the option key when you launch the Music app), however moving the holiday music over to the new library doesn’t seem quite so simple. I have seen many articles on the web about how to move a music library from one Mac to another but I can’t find anything on how to move songs from one library to another. Can anyone offer suggestions of an easy way to do this?

I started to do this for my Mom who loves Christmas musuc, but it seemed excessively laborious in terms of exporting and then importing files to the new library. Instead I:

  1. Created a Holiday music playlist
  2. Selected the entire playlist
  3. Control-clicked the three dots at the far right of any track
  4. Selected Uncheck Track from the pop-up

Uncheck tracks/songs will not play; Checked songs will.

When the holidays roll around, simply repeat the process, only select Check track.

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How about a brute force solution?

  1. Duplicate your existing music library.
  2. Sort by genre, if possible.
  3. Delete all non-holiday tracks.
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