Creating an Automator action for a Calendar event: getting information

I would like to create an Automator workflow calendar event so that when events are due in Calendar, the action will create a task item in Things3. Since Things3 is scriptable, it is easy enough to use the Things3 URL scheme to accomplish this.

The thing is, it would be ideal to have one such workflow that creates tasks for a variety of calendar events. That would mean the workflow would have to know what event triggered it to run.

As far as I can tell, however, there is no input passed from Calendar run it runs a program (via the “open file” alert), so as far as I can tell there is no reasonable way to do this (at least not efficiently; the workflow could use Calendar scripting to figure out what event occurred within the past minute or two and had an alert that matched the running program, but that just seems ridiculous).

Anyone know something that I am missing here?


At one time Calendar had a “Run Script” option but that feature was removed about seven years ago.

Have you checked over at ? If there is a simple solution, I’d bet someone there could point you in the right direction.

No, that’s a good idea. I think I am registered there, but if not will have to register.

The run script option was removed some time ago in favor of the open file option, which is silly, but that’s Apple these days.

It would make sense for them to feed some sort of data to the action being run since Automator still supports creating Calendar event actions, but it does not appear to do so.

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Calendar events by themselves can send you advance alerts - why do you need to put them into your task manager?

When you say “events are due” it seems like you’re referring to task events as opposed to calendar events - if so, why not just put them into your task manager in the first place (where they can sync out to a calendar)?


Good question. The idea for me is that rather than cluttering up Things3 with things that are due, and also messing with repeating events in Things, I would like to have some recurring events scheduled in Calendar instead. That way, they appear on my schedule in Calendar, which is where I look for appoints and the like.

Yes, Calendar can of course show me an alert, and I use that for things like appointments and birthdays and the like. However, there are some things which aren’t really alerts in that they need to be done that day, but rather are tasks that I wanted to be reminded of on a periodic basis but then become tasks that need to go into the general todo process.

Therefore, having Calendar keep track of recurring tasks in this manner and automatically add them to Things would work well for me.

There aren’t that many things in this category, so I can just create a custom Automator action for each, but that’s inelegant, so I was hoping to create one action that handled them all.

Best of luck with that concept, but I think you’re unnecessarily clouding and confusing what each app does best. I put tasks (repeated or not) into my task manager. If they’re dated/timed they automatically sync over to my calendar. My calendar thus shows me all actionable tasks with dates and times, and my task manager shows all actionable tasks period. Both my task manager (Todoist) and my calendar can give me alerts ‘x’ number of hours/days/weeks in advance, and Todoist allows me to set multiple alarms if desired for any given task.

I live inside Google Calendar and what I love most about Todoist is its 2-way sync, so that anything synced to GC that I want to move inside GC will have the new date/time instantly synced back to Todoist.

As for clutter, I don’t really see it because my main Todoist view is ‘Next 7 Days’. If I need to deal with something specific (dated or undated) I’ll visit that task where it lives, but that will be out of the way, without cluttering my normal view.