Creating an index in Pages...I know you can't but

I’ve been writing books in Pages for years. And my work around to create an index has been to export the document to Word, and create the index there.

I was hoping that the new version of Pages would have the indexing feature, but no luck.

Would anyone have a different/better idea of creating an index, besides the export to Word work around?

Just thought I’d ask…


Unfortunately, there does not seem to be a way to do it automatically.

It has to be done manually. One approach would be do use the search functionality:

A second approach would be to use Automator for a little more “automated “ approach:

But to be honest, I think that your approach to export the file to Word in order to create the index might be the best solution.

Ah…thanks Christian. I just contacted support and they echoed the same opinion.

  • Mike

FYI TidBits just posted an article about making ToCs in Pages. Worth a look…

Actually, if you take “Select” the Table of Contents, you can copy the text into a table, sort it as you wish, merge the cells and then copy and paste… works like a charm (although you will have to manually format it when copied to the end of your document.