Creating calendar appointments with numbers and shortcuts on IOS

I want to use something like numbers to create a training plan for running and then use shortcuts to create the plan as calendar appointments.

The reason for Numbers is that I want to gradually build and play with the plan whilst ensuring i’m not stepping up distances too quickly, I may even creat a template over time and automate some sections.

I’ve suggested shortcuts as it’s the obvious automation option.

This must be on IOS if at all possible so that I can run this anywhere.

I’ve tried searching for people doing something similar, but i’m Drawing a blank. Does anyone have any ideas please?

If you export it from Numbers you can do so as a CSV, then you can split it by line, and repeat with each line (one line = one event). Then you need to split by comma, and put this split into the right places in the “Add event to calendar” action.

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Thanks Rose,

I’ll look at that later.