Creating configuration profiles on iOS, or via web

Would it by any chance be possible to create a configuration profile, somehow, on one iOS device and install it on this and/or other devices?

I’m asking since I have no Mac og Windows computer, and want to install fonts among other things, and would like it to be as “pure” as possible.

I know for fonts there are iFont but for other use cases I can’t really seem to find a solution other than having other iOS + Mac users sign a profile and then have them send it through mail, and I’m not entirely confident with that solution.

I can install configuration profiles on iOS device A when they are stored on iOS device B via the web server of Readdle’s Documents App.

However, I don’t know how to sign them on an iOS device. I do that on my Mac mini.

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I use AnyFont which will let you install fonts via a .zip file.

Setup a .zip file with all the fonts you want to install on your devices, then put it in your iCloud Drive, and you can pretty easily set it up on all of your devices.

Not quite as easy as making it once and sending it to all of your devices, but I think that’s the best you can do without a traditional computer.

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Thank you for both of your replies.

I did install some fonts via the iFont app which is similar to AnyFont so if all else fails I can do the font thing - but I don’t really trust 3rd party apps / companies when it comes to anything as heavy as a configuration profile (thank you for misusing my trust, Facebook) - but for anything else that requires a configuration profile I fear that “iOS-only” users are cut off, and in those cases I definitely wouldn’t trust anyone else signing the profil other than myself (or Apple):thinking:

As I mentioned a few weeks ago in another thread, I own AnyFont and I like it (and I recommend it) though I’d also point out that an alternative is Fonteer, which is free for installing up to 3 fonts before incurring its own $1.99 IAP to unlock more font imports.

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