Creating Custom Maps? What Software?

I’d love a way to make some custom maps on OS X. It could come in handy for things like visiting relatives where I want to give them a local map with a handful of specific locations marked out.

But I took on a new job where I will be driving around the county to places I don’t usually drive and I want to mark out food locations that I like since I’m a picky eater!! So that if I’m in a certain part of town, I can look at the map and see what my options are from a list of places I decided in advance. I’d like it to be a PDF map, rather than an interactive iOS Maps thing. So that I can more easily share it.

Screenshot a location in Apple Maps, mark it up with Figma/Preview/etc?

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Could definitely work. Isn’t as clean and future proof as something that was a dedicated mapping application but I will definitely keep it as a backup plan if nothing exists! :slight_smile:

I would second @JohnAtl. I just happened to need a map of an area to plan some construction and the tool was just the ticket. And the cost can’t be beat.

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I’ve been using Ahoy MapMaker from the App Store. It does a decent job.