Creating fill-in form in Apple Pages

I think I know the answer, but is it possible to create a fill-in form template in Apple Pages? I have the form template in Word but the fill-in function does not work in Word on the iPad so I thought perhaps I could recreate the form document in Pages. If this is not possible in Pages, do you know if/how a Word form can be filled in using Word on the iPad?

I don’t think there’s any way to create forms on Pages. If you want to work with a Word form outside of Word, I think the best option would be to convert it to a PDF and fill it in my annotating.

But then, it’s no longer a Word form.

I disagree with the premise. Word and Pages are word processing apps that were designed with the intent that documents would be printed. On paper. They are not intended to be used on screen.

PDFs are the on screen equivalent of printing on paper; this is where PDFPen earns its keep.

Perhaps rethink and go for a true form and data collection system like google forms or survey monkey.

Well, not always. I and the people I work with create dozens of Word files weekly. It’s how proposals, reports, work products, etc. are created and shared. Not one of them is ever printed. If a verified secure signature is needed, the documents are converted to PDF.

Sorry, I should not have stated that as an absolute.