Creating PDF on iPad

I do a lot of reading on my Ipad and like to save things to look at on my mac (mostly to import into devonthink). If I just save a bookmark, it is a coin toss as to whether I will be able to actually see it in devonthink (depends on website and subscriptions, logins, etc.). so what I would like to do is pdf the web page to an iCloud folder and then hazel can add it to devonthink for me.

Unfortunately, the ioS share sheet doesn’t include “Save as PDF”. Is there an easy/obvious way to get this functionality?


  1. Open the share sheet and choose Print
  2. The iOS print dialog includes a preview. Pinch outward on that preview as if you were zooming in in Photos or Maps.
  3. The preview image will go full screen. Hit the share sheet icon in the upper right corner and choose Save to Files.
  4. Navigate to the desired iCloud folder and save the file there.

You can also create a Shortcut that turns the page into a PDF and adds it to the right iCloud folder.

The screenshot function on iOS/iPadOS also has an interesting feature, if you screenshot a web page and then tap on the screenshot to bring up the editing window, there should be a toggle named “Full Page”. If you toggle it to the Full Page option it should give you a long screenshot of the whole web page, and then tapping “Done” to save will allow you to save that as a PDF.

Be aware that the “Full Page” option has a length limit. If the page is long enough, it won’t actually capture the whole thing.

Oh, I wasn’t aware of this! I’d probably go with the Print menu or a Shortcut then.

Oh wow, that works! Perfect. Thank you.

By the way the pinch zoom trick is no longer necessary on ios 15. Now you can just press print, and it presents a share sheet with the pdf file.