Creating playlists by tempo?

Has anyone found a good way to do this? I have been recently frustrated trying to find public playlists that match my running tempo, seems most playlists have too much variation between songs. Would be interested in making my own, seems there are a few apps on the App Store that let you change the tempo of owned music, would even be ok with an app that would even just show me average song tempo for my music (or even, ANY music); any recommendations?

I don’t know of any app that lets you see the tempo in advance however, there are lots of songlists where you can search based on tempo.

You can also look for music playlists for both reining and dressage freestyle. Both are set to music and the music must match the horse’s tempo at the various gaits.

I’d look at adding some sort of annotation or tags or something to your music after looking it up by tempo.

it took me this long to get around to this but the last 2 links you shared were an absolute gold mine for me (the first just too hard to use due to way too many ads). Just created a 4-hour playlist for running with tons of my favorites throughout. So grateful for your feedback! Off to the gym to try it out…!

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So… How did they work out for you?

Works great! Been getting my endurance back after losing it all over the pandemic, need to actually create another one with faster tempo

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