Creating RSS feeds for sites that require login info

I’m struggling with something that I think should technically be possible. I follow several websites that I would like to follow via RSS, but they don’t offer an RSS feed. I know some RSS readers can convert a regular website into a feed, but the most important one for me is and I have to log in first. It’s not a paid site, but the blogs I follow are organized via my account. Every time I try to bring this into Feedly or other similar reader I get stuck on the login screen. Is there any way to set this up as an RSS feed?

I’ve spoken with the admins at ACEsConnection and they tell me they don’t offer an RSS option and instead want to email me all the links. This has resulted in a lot of duplicate emails and over 500 unread emails in just a few weeks because I can’t keep up with receiving an individual email for every blog post!

Another option I would like to try is importing this feed into DevonThink, but I need to get a feed: link first!

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If the site has high-volume posts/discussions and doesn’t offer a daily/weekly email option that’s pretty rude. If they don’t have an accessible RSS feed and their content is behind a paywall, none of the pseudo rss creation websites (my main one is will work for you.

In Gmail and other email services you can group messages from a single sender and filter them out from your inbox, but be able to see them all by clicking on the filter.

A pay option would be to use a service that concatenates emails into a single digest email that gets sent to you on a periodic basis - you’d either submit all your emails to the service or change the address you get your ACEsConnection emails to that service, and you’ll get forwarded a few giganto emails from them. Sanebox’s digest/aggregation is one option, I’m blanking out on others - there was the My Blend iOS app/service but that shut down a year ago…

It’s not behind a paywall, but I do need to log in to see the blog articles. Is there any RSS creation websites that will allow me to submit my login creditials?

I would prefer not to go the email service route as I’m getting a lot of duplicate emails – emails from different groups linking to the same blog post. So creating a feed directly from the ACEs Connection website is what I’m trying to do. DevonThink and/or Devonagent can’t help me can they? I think I need a feed: link first.

I’m not familiar with any, sorry.

If there is already a feed (which there isn’t your case) you might have been able to prepend your username and password to the URL if the feed is protected with HTTP Basic Authentication (eg http://username:password@example… ), which works on, my RSS feed service.

Slightly unrelated here, but what is the best and fastest way to share articles that are behind paywalls on sites to non-subscribers?

Print to PDF > Share is the easiest, fastest way.

Secondarily, with a paid Pocket subscription anything in my Pocket can be shared with a link.

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Thanks. Print to PDF? That must be the famous MacSparky shortcut. Unfortunately I can’t use that on my iPad Pro.

But the print feature then, alright. I just moved from a basic Pocket account to store all reading in Reeder 4

I think you can.

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Like @bowline said: You can use the iPhone “print to pdf” trick on the iPad as well. It works the same.

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